Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is Ryan Adams. He's a prolific songwriter. He can paint the most vidid pictures with his songs. I guess his music can be classified as Alternative Country but some of his albums are straight country while some lean more punk rock. He's versatile like that. One of my favorite things about him is that he puts out albums constantly. For instance in a six month stretch in 2003-2004, he released 4 albums.

He's a diva too. Many people have described him as moody, bitter and full of self doubt. In 2002 at one of his shows a man yelled, "Play summer of '69!" (this was a popular song by Bryan Adams). Ryan was so pissed by this comment that he stopped the show in order to go off stage to get some money. He returned to the stage to throw the money at the man who yelled the "funny" comment and demanded that he leave. Apparently, Ryan doesn't have a sense of humor.

I've bought tix to see Ryan Adams 3 times in Seattle. He cancelled the first 2 shows. This year I was finally able to see him with his band, The Cardinals. I loved it. Dusty was completely bored by it though. Not his taste in music.

Summary: He's my favorite.


anne said...

Did you know that he also shares a birthday with Bryan Adams? I bet that only adds fuel to the fire!

Sarah said...

Erin Hanson and I saw him a couple years ago...It was like were were transported to the 70's, it was almost unreal. But it was awesome!