Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Evening with Tucker

I thought that Tucker looked a little Asian but Marshall informed me that all babies do. That's racist.

He had the toots that night while we were there. Tucker, that is. (Or maybe it was Marshall blaming it on Tucker)

When I look at this picture I heard "Fathers be good to your daughters..." playing in the back of my brain...but then I remember that Tucker is a son, not a daughter. I think fathers should be good to their sons to. A song about that will probably be on John Mayer's next album.

(Marshall's so camera shy)

Proof that I do well with babes (for those of you that read Christy's blog)


Doreen T. said...

What a cutie! (I mean Tucker, not Marshall.) Kara, you are GREAT with babies.

The Jamieson Family said...

For the record, I never said all babies look Asian and my baby does not look Asian...not that it's a bad thing (nothing but love for my Asian brothers and sisters).

Oh, Doreen...many people have said Tucker looks like his daddy so I will take that as a compliment!