Monday, October 15, 2007

Dusty meets CA$E

How cute are these guys?

Dusty met Case for the first time on Sunday. What a delight. He's a natural with children and has had lots of experience with babes when he worked at the YMCA.

Case was such a great baby too. He was sleeping until they woke him up to change the poopy diaper and then he opened his eyes and explored our new faces for the rest of the time. So cute.


Ryan Kirk said...

Kara, so I "re-found" your blog and it has caused me to never want to update mine again.

Yours is way cooler with all the pics and actual interesting things happening in your life. I guess one should have a life before they consider writing about it on a blog. I feel so empty inside ... and out. ???

Doreen T. said...

Loved the photo! (So, what's with the $ in Case's name?)

Christy said...

They are way cute together! Thanks for coming over! It was fun to see you guys.