Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So Google closed at $615.19 today people. Let me say it again $615! If you were lucky or smart enough to get in on Google's IPO 3 years ago at $85, then you have would have earned over 720%. Isn't that crazy? Even with Google at all time highs, most analysts are still recommending that potential investors buy this stock (not hold, or sell).

I'm assuming that no one reading this got in on that initial IPO, but my question is: Would you have invested in it had you been offered? I probably wouldn't of. Too risky for my blood especially since the dot-com bubble bust a was just couple years prior. (Also, I didn't have any money 3 years ago...not like I have a lot now...and investing was the last thing on my mind then.)

Lesson learned: the next time a hot company starts selling shares to the public, I'm in! (Only if they can promise over 600% in 3 years though)


Stefanie said...

I wholeheartedly agree, Kara. I wish my stocks would grow over 600%!

Adam said...

63% of IPOs fail within 10 years. GOOG is the exception, not the rule. P.S. Lehman Bros latest target for GOOG is $714.

sarah anne said...

I remember that IPO and I remember being a poor college student who was wishing they could afford to buy some of that stock. Oh well.

Maybe YouTube will go public... ha, ha