Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Next on The Hills

So if you watched this week's episode then you know that next week's episode is going to be awesome (I always think that after seeing the previews).

Questions to ponder for next week:

Who do you believe spread the LC + Jason rumors, Brody or Spencer?

(I think that Spencer spread the rumors. He's the devil and only cares about himself.)

Are you a Brody fan?

(Heck yes)

Are you a LC + Brody fan?

(Heck no. Lauren's too much drama and too insecure.)

What's the deal w/ Justin Bobby?

(When I hear him speak (which is rare), it sounds like he has an accent (that's racist).


anne said...

I like LC and Brody...but I also like LC more than you do.

I too am thinking Spencer is behind this all. He's such a jerk. Afterall, he was the one who made the rude remark to LC and Jason when they were out at dinner. What does Heidi see in him?

Can we talk about how cool it was that Elodie ditched out on Heidi this week? What goes around comes around...

The Jamieson Family said...

Please stop watching this trash on TV and let Dusty play his xBox more!

J Yo said...

Sorry everyone...I'm still on "Team Heidi & Spencer". I know they probably did start the rumors, but I can't stand LC, so I just don't care... :)

Kirsten said...

Can you believe that they had a "catch up" night on the Hills? So lame...

Kara said...

so lame!