Saturday, October 6, 2007


Dusty was super pumped for this event.

"Beer me."

This was a game called Hammerschlagen which means hammer log. I think everyone there was better than I was. Kind of embarassing.

While playing this game with Dusty, Andy hit a little kid (who was trying to interfer with the game) on the head with a bean bag. It was so funny...and awesome.

This was Miss Oktoberfest. She won some sort of contest so she was the Singer Swinger (or whatever they call that).

(The man who took this picture totally cut Erin out of the pic. Sorry Erin.)

Chicken head.

I think Andy really wanted to buy those glasses.

Andy and Dusty dancing "The Chicken Dance". Things got a little out of control.


The Jamieson Family said...

Tucker is a little bit upset because he didn't get invited.

Kara said...

sorry, it was a 21+ event.