Sunday, October 28, 2007

Party #2

After the surprise party, I joined up with Dusty and his work friends who were having a "Harvest" Party. We were spoiled with an awesome dinner! Also, I had my first glass of hot spiced wine. Has anyone had that before? It tastes like a cross between red wine and hot apple cider. Yummy!

We also carved pumpkins!

(Our pumpkin is the scary clown on the bottom right.)


anne said...

Again, the bottom pic shows up as a red X...what am I doing wrong? (Please refrain from using this as an opportunity to make a long list of all my short-comings.)

anne said...

Oh, I got it to work...nevermind. Sorry!

jill said...

Hey, this is my first Blog experience! Kelsey and I were surprised to see our "harvest party" included, Fun! Hope you had a blast in Vegas.. can't wait to read about it.. or maybe we won't since "what happens in Vegas..."
anyway, thanks for being my first.