Sunday, December 2, 2007

Friends are Friends Forever

I'm pretty sure this is the most people we've ever had over for dinner. Our little dinning room was full. The more the merrier!

Last week I picked up a turkey so we could partake in Thanksgiving one more time. I wasn't sure how many people this turkey would feed (18lbs) but we ended up having lots of leftovers....YES! Both Dusty and I love turkey sandwiches. We had a couple of turkey mishaps though. First, the foil turkey pan that I bought at the grocery store got a whole in it about 2 hours into roasting the turkey. Lots of smoke. Dusty ended up repairing the hole with some foil. Then everyone that ate the turkey turned into vampires!

Can you guess who's who? (Hint: Anne's the one with the burp rag on her shoulder) Just kidding. Tucker on left. Ca$e on right.

Tucker has his daddy's lips.

I'm pretty sure Dusty took this picture of Case. It might have woke him up.

Bye Tucker! See you soon.


The Jamieson Family said...

Wow! The first picture is pretty much a great picture of everyone but myself.

Thanks for having us for turkey dinner part 2! Loved the food, Christmas music, and friends.

Christy said...

Kara - thanks again. We had such a nice time with you guys!

Robica said...

Looks like fun! Wish I was there :(

anne said...

D, you need to move!