Thursday, February 21, 2008

Roslyn Retreat

As I previously stated, Dusty and I went to Roslyn with the high schoolers from FBC on a retreat.  Dusty lead worship and Emily and I were the cooks (we called ourselves the lunch ladies).  While there we played some awesome group games, sledded A LOT and ate tons of food.

One of the afternoons a bunch of us went on a city walk to see some of the Roslyn highlights. For instance, here's Emily in front of the town museum. Yes, it does look like a shed. Roslyn used to be a mining town but most of the mines are now closed. This museum highlights the towns mining past.

This is the town movie theater. It's currently playing Juno and Seahorse (or is it called Waterhorse) with 3 showtimes a day. This building used to be a mortuary so I'm sure the inside looks just as creepy as the outside.

Here's a picture of the female leaders- me, Krystal and Emily. We had such a good time!

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