Wednesday, March 19, 2008

President Bush's Stimulus Package and Me

The best part (CA$H MONEY) of President Bush’s stimulus package will be sent out to us (US taxpayers, that is) sometime between May and July. The theory behind the stimulus package is that when the taxpayers receive their check in the mail, they will spend it. The sum of millions of taxpayers spending their stimulus package checks will spur the economy out of the recession. We will see if that works.

I’m not going to lie; I’m pretty excited for it. It’s not often that the government sends you a $1,200 check. In fact, I’m not sure when the last time something like this happened. (Maybe I’m too young to remember though.) There a couple of different factors that determine how much you will be receiving for the government. Use this calculator to see how much you can expect.

The IRS will be sending out the checks starting May 2nd with the last of the checks mailed in July. The checks will be sent out numerically based on the last two digits of the taxpayer’s SSN. Taxpayers who opt to have their 2007 tax refunds electronically deposited in their bank accounts will move to the front of the rebate line. (We have our refund electronically deposited but I’m not sure what Dusty’s SSN is so I will be keeping my eye on the bank account in May to see when our check arrives)

I want to encourage all of you to go out there and spend those stimulus checks. Think of it like a Christmas gift card to be used wherever you want. Do your part in helping the economy rebound from the bear market- spend that check! Dusty and I are planning on spending our check on a new tv for our bedroom…Thanks Uncle Sam!


Doreen T. said...

Make sure that you buy a TV manufactured by a company (and from a retailer) that pays US taxes and employs US labor at some point in its "food chain." That way you can truly stimulate the US economy and pay back the US government. Yes, I know that purchases from other competively advantaged countries benefits us all. But this isn't about free trade; it's about stimulating the economy of the United States.

The Jamieson Family said...

No TVs in bedrooms!!!! There has to be something better you can spend your money on.

Chris/ty said...

Oh they already have a TV in the bedroom, this would just be an upgrade. :)

I am not judging though... we have one too. I love watching good morning america before I even get out of bed!

anne said...

We don't have a tv in our bedroom...and I think it's safer that way. Otherwise, ESPN would be with me in my dreams. :)

I would like to spend the money on something fun...airline tickets would be nice.