Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back

To say that we've been busy is probably an understatement but we have been busy. I had been meaning to update my blog but there was so much to update with that the task seemed daunting. So I will post on some of the things that have happened since I last posted. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures at all the different events but I was able to snap a few photos.
First off, we went to a surprise 50th birthday party. Dave Savage is the dad of our best friend family. Our families have been BFFs for almost 20 years! You can probably tell that it was a surprise for Dave since he wasn't wearing a shirt.

(He put on a shirt a half second later)

This is Kellen Savage and he's wearing his official Arsenal soccer uniform. He looked so cute in it and he even had little soccer socks on too!

I was also able to thoroughly clean our apartment. Doesn't it look great? I wish it still looked like this.

Thank you Emily and Anne for the birthday flowers!


Our growing family said...

Your apartment looks great!!!!!! Model home! Oh, how I wish I could make my place all tidy...oh, well! =)

nicole said...

I love Kim's reaction (I am 99% sure that is her) in the background, priceless :)

anne said...

Nice work!