Thursday, June 5, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...maybe?

Since I last posted-

-we went to Vancouver w/ Andy so they could play music at a Creation Festival volunteer BBQ
-we celebrated B-days in Portland with Dusty's side-o-fam...Chloe's 5 now!
-I should just call this birthday month since we celebrated a butt-load of work b-days by heading to Cactus Restaurant on Alki. I love that place.
-we rode our bikes on the Orting Trail
-BBQ'd with some good friends
-saw BJ Novak at The Moore
-Filet Mignon after a long run (Dusty ran, not me)
-ate lots of Chipotle (pronounced Chip-ought-ull by our friends)

That's about it (that's what I can remember and that's what I want to share).


The Jamieson Family said...

Yes it does! I am very fond of you, and I would like to see you! I do leave Sat to join marsh up at malibu. We get home the 20th, then I think we need to bbq. we love you guys!

Stefanie said...

Welcome back!!!

nicole said...

BJ Novak at The Moore, sounds like a good time :)