Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am: older than I feel
I think: about the future frequently
I know: God is faithful
I want: a new car
I have: everything I’d ever need
I wish: to retire young
I hate: this crappy June weather
I miss: my college friends
I fear: autism
I feel: hungry
I hear: with my ears
I smell: my dog
I crave: chocolate
I search: for my cell phone constantly
I wonder: what the future will hold
I regret: nothing yet
I love: Dusty
I ache: after riding my bike
I care: about relationship
I always: order the whisky river BBQ chicken burger at Red Robin
I am not: green
I believe: in predestination
I sing: all the time
I dance: during Zumba!
I cry: when I cry
I don't always: share my feelings
I fight: impulses to swear
I write: only when I have to
I never: say never
I listen: to TBTL w/ Luke Burbank daily
I need: nothing
I am happy: right now

1 comment:

Bridget Beth said...

Beau gets that burger every time we go there, too!

I love your answers!