Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Mess

Dusty's packing up to leave to Boise on Thursday. He's also taking his best friend with him, Gunner. What will I do with an empty house? Maybe some sewing, maybe some more packing, maybe some deep cleaning?

I'm interested in seeing if Dusty can fit everything he wants to take in the Accord. He's planning on taking a tv, his comp, the printer, 2 guitars, his amp, recording equipment, his clothes and shoes, crockpot, george foreman grill, his bike and bike gear, bedding, and Gunner and his doggy stuff. Full car!

Once in Boise, I believc the plan is for him to 1. prepare for his trialthon, 2. get ready for school 3. remodel our house (new floors, repaint kitchen cabinets, take out fireplance, paint...and on and on). I think he'll be pretty busy.


Robica said...

4.Missing you! You should take a pic of his car once it's loaded

anne said...

I'm here to keep you company! :)

Linds said...

Kara, I'd love to take you to dinner before you go.....call me.
luv ya lady.

Chris/ty said...

I choose not to believe you guys are REALLY moving. Denial is a wonderful coping method. :)
PLEASE come over as much as possible!!