Sunday, October 26, 2008

Food, Convo and Costumes...all awesome!

Cousin Nate & Amy invited us over for dinner at their house on Saturday.  She's a great cook and they are both great hosts.  Mike and Becka were also there too so we were able to bond with them over web-trash and Amy's costume collection.

I think there's a ghost in the above picture because there's a weird light bubble around Dusty's DooRag (sp?)...maybe it's the ghost of 2Pac (R.IP.).


( I decided to use black and white because it looks classy)


Mike and Becka said...

Yes - it does look REALLY classy!

PS - my husband is so hot!

Chris/ty said...

Nothing but class at that party fo sho!

anne said...

Classy fo sho. Love it!

I'm pouring some out for 2Pac right now...

Vollmer Family said...

Oh Kara! I'm so jealous that you live cloe to our Mike and Becka. We miss them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell them hi and laugh a lot with them...for me!