Saturday, November 15, 2008

our guest lavatory

Any guesses on which one is the "before" and which picture is the "after"? 

This was probably one of the easiest home improvement projects that we did.  Most of the changes were cosmetic.  

Oh ya, I forgot that as we were bringing home the new vanity from The Home Depot, the whole thing fell out the top of the box onto the busy road.  It broke into a million pieces.  Dusty turned around the truck and pulled into the center turn lane.  I put on the emergency flashing lights so oncoming motorists wouldn't hit him or the vanity pieces.  Also, it was night and the store was closing.  We were too steamed to go back to the store that night and ask for a new one.  The HD did decide to give us a new one since the box wasn't secure and since they loaded it into our truck.


Christie C. said...

I'm going to guess the top one is the after :) It looks great! I LOVE the color on the walls!

Christy said...

LOVE it! I really like that color too - very fresh and vibrant. Can't wait to see it all in person! Someday.

Stefanie said...

ooh, I love it!! I really want to start painting my bathrooms, but I have been procrastinating! Thanks for the motivation I needed!

Robica said...

spectacular! We(I) want to paint too so I will definitely be getting ideas from week!! Wahoo!