Monday, December 8, 2008

Wine Party!

On Saturday evening Dusty and I attended our first wine tasting party. Abbey and Tyson hosted and invited all the ladies from our Bible study group and their husbands.

Abbey is the best host ever. The previous week she sent us invitations with instructions on what type of wine to bring. We brought a Pinot Grigio. Each couple brought a different bottle so there were 8 bottles to try.

These are the ladies in my Bible study... Janice, me, Amy, Becka, Ladessa and Abbey...(we're missing Marla in this pick). I went to college with Abbey, Marla and Becka and Amy and I have husbands that are first cousins (hence the same last name). Janice and Ladessa live in Nampa and are finishing up nursing school.The wonderful hosts- Abbey and Tyson.

Here are a couple of pictures of the group enjoying the different wines. With each wine, Abbey and Tyson cooked up a wonderful small dish. Over the course of the night and the 8 wines we had a delicious salad, shrimp, chicken and potatoes, flank steak and green beans, pot stickers, pork and rice, and chocolate cake (I'm missing a course).
Needless to say, I was stuffed by the end of the night. The food was so great.

Mike (Becka's husband) is talking about the history of his wine. (I think it was a Chardonnay from South Africa). Their wine won for best label. (I think they won unfairly though since everyone was so impressed with their leopard print cork which technically isn't a label.)
Abbey and Marla dishing up dessert.

Can you tell that we were asked to act natural in this picture? It's so candid.Mike and Becka
Where there's music, cousin Nate will be dancing. There was and he did.
Laddie and I in front of Abbey and Tyson's tree.
After the tasting we put on sweats and watched Elf. It was really late so most of us fell asleep.

We had a really good time at the party. I love to go to parties and throw them myself. I hope mine will never be compared to Abbey's. That wouldn't be fair.


Mike and Becka said...

1. Pasta - that's the course you are missing.
2. I'm totally going to steal a bunch of your pictures - k?
3. My husband looks so stinkin hot!
4. I look tipsy in the "peace" pic - why else would you do the peace sign?
5. I gotta leave now to go pick you up for BS

Chris said...

Dusty looks particularly sexy in black and white.