Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

We went to Las Vegas over the weekend with Anne and Ben. Dusty's bff, Joel, also came to celebrate his little brothers nuptials.
Here are the boys in Vegas (minus Wong who's taking the pic). They all dressed up Saturday night and went out to old town Vegas to see a rat pack tribute show. Ben, are you standing on something that makes you a foot taller than everyone else?
Old town, Vegas.
Dane and Wong.  Dane's getting married in 2 months and then will be moving back up to Seattle afterwards.
I call this shot the Presidential since the background is so formal.  Our suite was so nice.  I only wish I could have fully used the extra large jacuzzi. We stayed at the Marriot Grand Chateau which was right next to Planet Hollywood and the MGM Grand. Our stay was at a large discount because we sat through a timeshare presentation. Don't worry, we didn't buy anything.
Dusty and I on Saturday night.  Instead of hitting up the rat pack show, Anne and I went to a Lance Burton magic show.  I now need to rewatch all those "Magic Secrets Revealed" shows in order to know how he did all those cool tricks.
We ended up doing a ton of walking on Sunday. Here's us in front of one of our favorite spots, the Bellagio.
BAnne in front of the Bellagio.
We all had to pay tribute to Siegfried and Roy.
It would have been nice to seen there one-time only reunion show on Friday but I couldn't risk the endangering that baby that lives in my stomach. jk.
Dusty and the slots. No big wins for him...and no big no losses.  I call that success.
I know it looks like we are at Disney Land.  We're not.  We're in front of the Treasure Island Hotel.  Dusty and I were able to see the crazy pirate show out front of it on Sunday night.  I think some of the pyrotechnics singed my arm hair. 
Anne's favorite game is the Texas Tea slot.  She taught me the ins and outs of the game but I wasn't brave enough to play that one. I stuck to video poker.  I think I ended up winning ten bucks on it!

My favorite part of the whole trip was our Cirque du Soleil Mystere show on Sunday night.  The acrobatics were unreal!  We weren't allowed to take any pics but, trust me, they'd be too psychedelic to explain anyway.


Kaytee said...

2 things:
Texas Tea was my favorite slot too!! I felt like I lost the least on it.
Also, we saw Mystere last year and I was also highly impressed! I think it was the best show I've ever seen. So glad you got to go!

anne said...

Love this! Thanks for posting the details here.

I'm so glad we got to go to Vegas with you guys. A ton of fun was had by all!

So, where to next?

P.S. Do you want to email me all of the pictures? I would love you forever. :) I mean, I can save the ones you posted, but I know there were a few others too. What do you say?

Julianne said...

So funny...those boys and Vegas...