Thursday, April 30, 2009


Update: False alarm. I put lotion on it a few hours ago and now my stomach is back to normal. It must have been a skin irritation. Thanks for all the support!

Um, so I think I woke up this morning to stretch marks. I have real red area above my belly button today. If I look closely, it seems like there may be some pink lines there.

Could this possibly be something else? Isn't too early for these? Can I do anything right now to lessen the potential horribleness of this?


J Yo said...

I'd like to know how in the world you have stretch marks when you're so tiny!?! :)

If you do have them, however, I think using special lotions and creams claim to help but rumor has it it's all genetics.

Chris/ty said...

A few times I thought I had them, but it was just wrinkle marks that wouldn't go away for a while...? Maybe that is what it is.

Robica said...

shea butter supposedly

Kimberlee said...

Yeah, it might not be stretch marks since from the looks of all your pictures, you're the smallest pregnant woman ever. At nearly 7 months, you look like I did at 2 months!

I exfoliated everyday and rubbed on the special 'stretch mark' creams religiously but I think it's true that it's all genetics :-/