Monday, April 13, 2009

our weekend.

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! We didn't have a lot on the schedule so we decided to do lots of work around the compound. I started out the weekend by doing some gardening. My hyacinths are gone now and my tulips have just started blooming. Next fall I'm going to add to the color by also planting daffodil bulbs.
Dusty mowed our lawn on Saturday which was a major task. Our grass had grown so fast this week. We ended up with 5 bags of grass! I think we may have to mow twice this week because of the fast growth.
While I gardened and hit up Lowes, Dusty detailed our car. He spent a couple hours washing, waxing, drying, and vacuuming our CRV so now it looks like new.
Saturday evening we painted the baby's room and then Dusty spent some time assembling our new crib. Once we have the crib bedding put together and art on the wall, we will put up some more nursery pics.

On Sunday morning I woke up early to work in the nursery at church. After that, I came home and relaxed by reading in the backyard. Here's my view.

Dusty took this picture since I was too lazy to get up myself.
After my sun bathing, we went to Dusty's parents for ham and scalloped potatoes (yum!) and then went to church. What a fun weekend!


Robica said...

your yard is huge!! i'm jealous, my tulips & daffodils haven't bloomed yet. stupid central oregon. i assume you got my email-hoping that weekend still works for you

abbey said...

oh my gosh you were so productive! the yard & car look perfect & i love the crib...can't wait to help with the decorations :).

Stefanie said...

everything looks awesome! Your yard is incredible and I bet your dog loves every piece of it!! Dusty-nice work on the car. It really does look brand spankin new!

Christy said...

Wow! Looks awesome. I can't wait to see it in person. :)