Tuesday, April 7, 2009

YL Shootout

Abbey, Becka and spent our Saturday at the 2nd Biannual Southwest Idaho Young Life Shootout. This is a perfect fundraiser for the Idahoans because it's all about shooting clay pigeons with shotguns.
Only men signed up to shoot this year (Abbey, Becka and I helped with registration). The event was at a clay pigeon sporting field which set up 25 stations for shooting. They describe it like a golf course with various holes. The pic above shows one of the stations were the shooters are in the tower and the clay pigeons are shot from below.

Terry, Dusty's dad, was a pro. The shotgun he used he got when he was 12.
Justin got to use his new shotgun for the first time. It was a bday present from his wife.
The guys looking real tough.
Deb, Abbey and Becka. Deb is our Young Lives coordinator and she serves on committee.
Isn't Dusty the cutest?


Christy said...

Only in Boise...

Doreen T. said...

That's quite the pic of the boys & their guns... scary! Can't imagine doing this in FW. :)

abbey said...

You forgot to mention that you'll be competing next year. Don't try to backout.

Mike and Becka said...

He is... he's just the CUTEST!