Wednesday, July 29, 2009

life in general

Ezra's in the swing right now so I finally have two hands to type with.

Ezra was fussy yesterday. First time he was really fussy. We hardly knew what to do with him. Good thing there are two of us to help when he gets that way. Lucky for us, he was only fussy during the day and slept well and night. I'm kind of worried today will hold the same thing but he's been in that swing for a half an hour with no noise...yet.

We got to see all the newborn pics yesterday! We are excited to get prints and canvases done.

Dusty and his dad bought a 12 ft. aluminum fishing boat that they are taking out for the first time tonight. They are both pretty excited.

It's been really hot here in Boise since Ezra's been born so we spend most of our days inside with the A/C. Some days can be real boring.

I can't wait until the age where Ezra can give me hugs.


christy said...

How are you ever going to choose what prints to get?? Those pictures are awesome!!

PS - Hugs from your boy are the BEST! Case just started holding my face in his hands and hugging me before he goes to bed.

Doreen T. said...

Hopefully the fussiness was just a one-day thing! Hugs from your kids never get old (hint, hint).

Kimberlee said...

Kara, those pictures are fantastic! I just love Ezra's little lips, they're too precious! And I know what you mean about hugs, I can't wait either! I'm so excited that they've started grabbing at my face lately :-)

Christie C. said...

LOVE the pictures, he is adorable!

Is he around 3 weeks now? It could be a growth spurt, Harper went through one around then and was extra fussy.