Wednesday, August 26, 2009

great grandparent

Ezra met my paternal grandparents a few weeks ago when we were in Seattle.

Ezra met his second set (of 4) of great grandparents last week. These are Dusty's maternal grandparents.

We hope to make it to Bend and Sacramento soon so he can meet his other great grandparents.


Doreen T. said...

Ezra is a very blessed little boy to have EIGHT living great-grandparents!

sarah said...

We took Hazel to Scotland when she was 4 months and it was the perfect time. I'd say traveling between 3-4 months is ideal. They still sleep so much, and aren't mobile yet. And if you're flying to Sacramento, their cry is so muffled at that age (not a scream like a 3 year old), and there is so much white noise on the plane.

Robica said...

YEAH!! Bend!!

Krista said...

he's getting big!!! can't wait to see him again.