Monday, September 14, 2009

the latest

-Has begun to roll over from his tummy to back. He has done it one multiple occasions and without a pillow under his chest also.
-Slept 10 hours straight last night.  We'll see how he does tonight.  It's usually 2 steps forward, 1 step back though.
-Growing like a weed.  He's in some 6 month clothes now.  He's still too skinny for most 6 month stuff but the length seems to be about right.

-Went back to work last week while my mom watched Ezra. What a blessing.
-First day with the nanny today.  She's awesome and I got to see Ezra whenever I wanted today.
-Tomorrow is the first day of daycare.  Say a prayer for mommy.

-Started new school year with the 2nd graders.  There will be some challenging kids this year.
-Started Master's program this last weekend. He will be going to class 1 weekend a month until June 2011.
-Loves watching his Bronco's win!


sarah said...

Kara - Ezra is ADORABLE!

Robica said...

love the pic! thinking of you