Friday, September 25, 2009

tired of young people getting divorced

"One one level, it's easy to love God, because God doesn't smell. God doesn't have bad breath. God doesn't reward kindness with evil. God doesn't make berating comments. Loving God is easy, in this sense. But Jesus really let us have it when he attache our love for God with our love for other people.

In the marriage context, we have absolutely no excuse. God lets us choose whom we're going to love. Because we get the choice and then find it difficult to to carry out the love in practice, what grounds do we have to ever stop loving? God doesn't command us to get married; he offers it to us and an opportunity. Once we enter the marriage relationship, we cannot love God without loving our spouse as well.

Divorce represents our inability to hold to Jesus' command. It's giving up on what Jesus calls us to do. If I can't love my husband, how can I love the homeless man in the library?...Yes, the spouse might be difficult to love at times, but that's what marriage is for- to teach us how to love."

-Sacred Marriage
Gary Thomas


Lucas Price said...
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Lucas Price said...

Nonsense!!! in my opinion. Conveniently overlooks abuse, cheating, etc, as legitimate reasons to divorce. Don't get me started on the 'christian' crowd that looks down on the divorced.

Krista said...

agreed (with lucas' comment)...but I also think there are people in the "christian" crowd who jump into marriage because it's what they've always wanted and how things are "supposed" to be, rather than really believing that they are comitting to something for life. Granted there are also those who jump into marriage, and are married for 50+ years...but if you are young and in the absence of abuse, etc...why get divorced after less than 5 years (some only 1 or 2)