Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I haven't posted in a while so there's a lot to say.

-Erik, Krista, Mom and Dad flew over to Boise to spend Thanksgiving with us.  It was so much fun watching football, going on walks, going on boise adventures and going to the BSU game (we got soaked)! They should come over every year for Thanksgiving! My parents LOVED playing with Ezra! They were in heaven.

We had the feast at Dusty's parents' house.

Ezra is learning to sit up now.

- Our washing machine finally died.  Dusty originally got this washer on craigslist 6 years ago.  It's right out of the 80's.  We've been washing clothes at dusty's parents' but not having a functioning one at our house is really cramping our style.  EZ poops too much not to have one. We are going to get a set real soon though...once we get some free time!

-I've been super busy with working.  It's really stressing me out.  Our big project culminates right after Christmas.  EZ and I will be in Seattle Dec. 27-Jan 3.  I'll have to work a couple of the days but not sure which ones.  Dusty will be flying in Dec 30-Jan. 3.
-Dusty's really sick.  He got tested for Strep but it's just a bad cold.  Luckily Ez and I haven't caught it yet but it's been really hard having Dusty out of commission.
-We gave Ez rice cereal the last 2 nights.  I thickened it up so it wouldn't dibble out of his mouth so much. He got bored with it after 10 minutes though.


J Yo said...

He's real cute... :)

abbey said...

LOVE the swing pictures! Sorry work has been so stressful. Hopefully it will settle down for you next year...you handle it so well though, Kara.