Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here!

Not sure what I was doing (before taking the picture, that is).  Ezra doesn't usually get to watch his dad play Modern Warfare, trust me. I think he was really interested in the controller though.
We had a teething episode last weekend where Ezra woke up from an hour nap quite fussy.  I popped him a couple of teething tablets and he immediately fell asleep on his daddy.  

We want to get Ezra started in the music biz asap.

The rest of the pics are us hanging out at our temp pad.


Molly said...

Ezra is so cute Kara! I love that last picture of the two of you :-)

abbey said...

love the pics! look at him...musician, gardener & xbox gamer already...so advanced.

Robica said...

you 3 are so beautiful. miss you.

Sumner family said...

Cute pictures Kara!! Ezra is getting so big! ...Those teething tablets worked wonders for Ellie :)