Monday, April 12, 2010

house update

This is what our house currently looks like.  We've been real happy about the progress made so far.  When they first poured the foundation we thought it looked tiny.  Dusty measured the foundation to make sure it was the right dimensions, just in case.  Once the house began to go vertical then everything started to look a little bigger.

The house is supposed (cross your fingers) to be done sometime between July 7-14th.

On Friday and Saturday we went shopping for our house.  It went really well and was so easy!  These are the cabinets we picked out (minus the hardware).  They are alder with a hazelnut stain.

We also picked out carpet, tile, laminate & vinyl for bathrooms and hickory hardwood floors.

Next week we pick out appliances!


Stefanie said...

looks awesome! Those cabinets are beautiful!

Becker, David said...

Looking great, love Hickory for a floor. Gou will love a new house they are so clean to start with and everything works.