Tuesday, June 1, 2010

woot woot!

We got a new vacuum cleaner!

It is so awesome! It picks up everything! I would totally recommend the Dyson DC25.


Sarah Anne said...

We just got ours a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it! It's especially great if you have hard wood floors or area rugs because you can use it without the beater brush and save your surfaces.

Enjoy! :-)

anne said...

Good call! ;)

We love ours! We have offically made it a member of our family...can't live without it now.

Makes household chores a little less painful too!

Robica said...

niiice! i desperately need a new one, but can't convince rob to get one of these.

Kari said...

Great choice! Don't you just love it? No vacuuming twice, it does it all the first time! I LOVE mine... its definitely worth every penny!

Mike and Becka said...


christy said...

Wow. Super jealous! I bet you can't wait to use it in your new house!!!