Friday, October 1, 2010

first grocery trip

Where: Walmart (I wish you guys could see the difference in the Boise Walmarts...less crowds and the crowds are "better")

$ spent: 59.71

Things purchased:
Body Wash
lots of yogurt
green beans
romaine lettuce
breakfast bars
pasta sauce
brownie mix
jello pudding
lots of tuna
mandrin oranges for EZ
turkey slices

I think this will last for a week. We may need another milk tip.

$260 a month might be a little low but my husband likes cheap meals just as much as fancy ones. He prefers tuna melts to fancy steak meals. I think I have that in my favor. Also, we don't buy organic and once summer is over and fresh produce isn't cheap anymore, I buy canned veggies and frozen veggies. No shame in my game.

I'll keep updating you with my progress.


Stacy said...

Nicely done on the low grocery bill...that is totally the area I struggle with too and I've been thinking about doing cash only for that. I can't wait to hear your progess. Although I know there is NO WAY I can do it for that cheap!!
For veggies I totally recommend Costco. They have huge frozen bags of organic corn, peas and green beans...they taste great, stay good forever and you only have to take out what you need for the meal. And they are only like $6 for a HUGE bag. I think you should also post your low budget recipes!

Robin said...

that's amazing kara! i would definitely frequent walmart if the crowds here were "better"! That sounds terrible. =) can't wait to hear more progress reports as the month goes on!

kel said...

We are budgeted at $250/month with 2 kids, and doing fine!

I have to say, the key to making it work is to eat your leftovers. It sometimes gets monotonous, but TOTALLY saves money!

Dave Becker said...

You are living cheap we are spending $1000+ a month on food. Teenagers and teenager want to be eat a lot.