Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grocery Update

It's the 20th of October and we are out of our $260 grocery money. The good thing is that I think we can make it with the groceries we have in stock. We have milk, diapers, chicken, rice, veggies, fruit, and miralax. We have the essentials and I'm gonna try and MAKE IT WORK (Tim Gunn).

Here's how we kept the costs down this month with food:
-no beer
-no one-time snacks
-cheap dinners
-used tuna a lot
-frozen veggies
-target brand diapers
-pert plus shampoo/conditioner

Also, we haven't gone to Target this month so I know that's saved us $200! (That's my real weakness.)

With these changes we've made, we can now build our savings back up and be more generous with our giving. Hopefully we can stick with this!


Doreen T. said...

"With these changes we've made, we can now build our savings back up and be more generous with our giving." Music to your mom's ears! Praying that God will richly bless your desire to be good and generous stewards of what He has provided.

Robica said...

Nice work! You've inspired me to stick to our budget too. However, our budget would include substituting a meal for beer. Good luck trying to get by with no beer in my house. Just kidding... But seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Wow $260 for the month for grocercies I am a family of 5 (2 adults 3 kids ages 10 7 5) we have less than that to spend. I only have $100 amonth.