Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mr Clean, Mr. Clean

Our new house has beautiful white baseboards, trim and doors.  When building the house, I chose white (instead of dark taupe or even light taupe) because I like how clean and classic white can be (that's racist). Now that we have a crazy energetic toddler, our white baseboards and doors have taken a beating (toy tracker wheel scratches, pen marks, smudges from push toys).  I wanted our home to look new for AT LEAST a year but that didn't seem possible with all the smudges we were getting.

All that to say, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is awesome for getting all that stuff off my walls, baseboards, hardwood floors, ect with minimal effort.  It truly is magic.

(I promise I'm not getting paid for this endorsement.)

1 comment:

The Browne Family said...

OMG. I am in love with Mr Clean Magic Erasers! They are such a blessing when you have crazy toddlers :)