Monday, August 27, 2007

Our week in Boise

We were in Boise last week visiting Dusty's family. We had a blast! We went to the lake a bunch to SeaDo and Jetski, we played with the dogs, went shopping and saw a movie.

While we were there we decided to take a family pic since we are together only twice a year. Expect to see this on Christmas cards this year.

I had to share this pic of Conner. It's so cute. He loved hanging out at the lake. He built a tide pool with Uncle Dusty, found a lizard under a rock and enjoyed chasing the ducks.

Here's Con and I on the tube. Luckily Dusty was a good driver and no one fell off.

Sky was a fish this week. He was on the SeaDo more than any of us ! He even got to drive it all by himself (against mom's wishes).

We made s'mores in the backyard one evening.

Chloe broke her arm while riding the Razor scooter on Friday. She was such a trooper through all that pain.


Chris said...

Way to start a blog K-Ham. It's about time. We've been missing you guys, glad you're back!

mom said...

All right! Why did I have to find out about your blog from Christy's blog????