Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend in Boise

We headed to Boise for the weekend with my bro Erik and Krista for a wedding. The bride, Marla, went to SPU and Dusty's parents are also BFF's with her parents. Her parents were also the ones that threw me my Boise bridal shower. They are amazing people.

The wedding was outside at the Shakespeare Festival amphitheatre. It was an 11am wedding but was still very hot. Luckily we had seats in the shade. Famed SPU profs, the Dearborns, officiated the wedding. They did a wonderful job.

This is Marla's Mom with Dusty's parents.

This is Dusty's cousin Nate and his 21 week pregnant wife Amy. They are so much fun!

Later that evening, Marla's parents (along w/ Marla and Ryan) hosted a pool party for friends and family at their house. They have such an awesome backyard.

Things I didn't take pictures of this weekend: tubing and SeaDooing at the lake again, lunch with Danica, Rob and Carson and a kick butt game of Rook....go girls!

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Doreen T. said...

Rook? I didn't even know that people played Rook anymore!