Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Job

Dusty will be at a different school starting Monday. He will now be teaching a 1st/2nd split class. The school he has been at for the last 3 years is below their enrollment numbers by 3 kids and another school in the district really needs a teacher. Since he has the least seniority (darn unions) in the grade category, he's the one selected for the transfer.

He's shocked by this announcement and real nervous to be teaching young kids. He's been a 4th grade teacher for 3 years. He's not used to teaching kids how to write and read. He's also real sad to be leaving his current class. He was really looking forward to this year with that group of kids.

Although this has come as a surprise to us, we thank God for this new opportunity to reach a whole new bunch of kids and families.


Chris/ty said...

Oh wow! What a surprise! He will be great. I don't know if the younger crowd will appreciate the "math" raps as much though...

Doreen T. said...

I think Dusty will do just fine and the kids will ABSOLUTELY love him! He has so much natural teaching ability (more than he probably realizes)! While change is hard, I know that God will bless Dusty as he trust Him. We love you guys!