Monday, September 10, 2007

'07 VMA's

Let's talk the VMA's for a quick second. Did anyone catch them? Apparently, MTV won't be replaying the show millions times over this week as they have in the past. Luckily, I DVRed it and was, therefore, able to watch the whole thing in 40 minutes.

Britney Spears was a trainwreck. She should be really good at lip syncing by now but it sucked. She missed a bunch a words and did not look into it. Plus, she didn't dance as much as she had in the past and, on top of that, I think she missed a a few dance steps. RIP Britney's career. (I can't believe Justin used to date her.)

I refuse to believe that this is the best weave money can buy!

Chris Brown had a crazy performance (besides the fact that he lip synced)! His dancing was awesome! Justin even said that Chris Brown's performance made him (Justin) feel old.

Because the VMA's were at the Palms Casino, there were performances all over the hotel grounds. Justin had his own party/performance spot called "Southern Hospitality" with performances from T.I. and 50 cent. Fall Out boy had their own "spot" also but Justin's party/spot was much better (I'm not biased or anything). Since the award show was at various locations around the hotel, the show had a "different" feel to it. I'm not sure the world was ready for it.

As for Justin's performance/performances, he was amazing, as always.

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anne said...

Love the breakdown and review. I also love the fact that you frequently update this blog! Hooray!