Sunday, September 9, 2007

UW v Boise State

Saturday morning we woke up super early to head to the UW/BSU game. Although the game started at 12:30, Dusty convinced us to get there at a quarter to 9.

We parked in the midst of the the tailgating section and then headed to Starbucks. "This is Seattle tailgating at it's best", Dusty said.

This is the Absher's tailgate. They have a reserved tailgate spot RIGHT in front of the stadium. I wonder what team they were rooting for?

We also happen to run into Dusty's BFF, Joel and his wifey, Erin.
These are Dusty's Boise Bff's, Jeff and Justin. They all ran together in high school and lived together after college.

Dusty and Chris were all business before the game.

The game was so fun and both teams played really well. The Huskies ended the BSU winning streak unfortunately.


Chris/ty said...

Go Dawgs! Hey - who is that hottie in the hardhat?

Doreen T. said...

What's with the Boise State jersey??? I thought we raised you to only wear HUSKY PURPLE AND GOLD!! How 'bout them Dawgs?!

Anonymous said...

Where is all the money coming from to buy various sports jerseys? I guess I need to become a school teacher too!