Sunday, September 9, 2007

Uh-mazing (written by guest columnist, Anne)

Do you remember what it was like to be 14 years old? Well, last night Kara and I had the opportunity to revisit that world. As we sat in our killer seats (we were only 11 rows up from the floor), listening to Good Charlotte belt out a few tunes and casually trip across the stage, we had no idea what was to come next. As the brief intermission seemed to drag on for days, the wait became well worth it. We were in suspense as the lights dimmed and Justin Timberlake's back up dancers appeared on stage. We were eagerly anticipating the arrival of JT. Once he was there in front of us, we were screaming, prepubescent teens who feel madly in love with the figure before us. There were moments of awe and several times we came to the realization that the amazing man standing on the stage, only several feet from us, was in fact a human being. He's a lot like us...only he's super rich, ridiculously good looking, he dances like no one else can, and he's quite the entertainer. Other than that, we're basically the same.

So, in order to recap the events of last night, I think it's imperative for me to summarize the high points (and maybe a few low ones as well) in a bullet format. Otherwise, there is a chance you'll be stuck reading through pages of information.

  • At one point JT busted out a key-tar and jammed. Kara is fairly certain that those no longer exist and this instrument was brought back at the request of the famous pop icon.

  • There were far too many inebriated individuals. This made for some entertaining moments in the crowd, but it also provided a bit of frustration. Just an example...the girl seated next to us continually tried to "grind" all over me. It was awkward and annoying...what can you do?

  • Both Kara and I were a bit surprised to see a ton of older individuals at this concert. Sure, there were a few parents in attendance (they earn cool points for going and willingly taking their kids), but there were also a few gray-haired individuals seated amongst the 10-30 year old concert-goers. We weren't expecting that.

  • During the second half of JT's appearance, there were some scantly clad women who danced all over the stage. They were wearing skimpy clothes (much like most of those women in attendance) and began to dance in a rather provocative manner. At this, Kara explained that there exists a fine line between pole dancers and back-up dancers.

  • JT played a ton of instruments and demonstrated that he is capable of more than just looking good (although that's more than enough for me...Kara too).

  • The show ended and we both wondered what song would be performed as the encore. In honor of JT's newly acquired Emmy Award for "D!c# in a Box," he willingly graced us with his solo version (the original also features Andy Samberg). The crowd shouted out the words and once JT completed the song, he had a message for his adoring fans. He explained that only in America would someone win an award for a song entitled, "D!c# in a Box." He also made it clear that we all watch way too much YouTube. The guy's got a point.

  • Finally, I think it's super important for me to explain that last night was a pivotal point in both of our lives. We are forever changed by the experience and we're certain our lives will never be the same.


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Valerie said...

I am glad that I am not the only person (other than Stacy) who occasionally attends concerts where a vast percentage of the population is screaming tweens!!

J Yo said...

After reading this utterly amazing blog post, I have come to two conclusions:

1. I'm so jealous...Justin Timberlake is beautiful...

2. Anne NEEDS a blog!! If you can produce something this amazing as a guest poster on Kara's blog, think of the things you could post on your own!!!