Monday, November 26, 2007

#1 fans

We spent part of the weekend in Portland with Dusty's family. We enjoyed watching lots of football (although both BSU and UW lost), playing a ton of Wii, watching movies (Fred Claus..mix of Swingers and Elf), shopping (tax free baby!) and eating lots of good leftovers. One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the days of turkey leftovers. That's why I'm making my own turkey on Saturday. The bird I bought is the biggest bird I've ever cooked. I think it's around 20 lbs. Yummy.

I wish people would make the full turkey dinner more than once a year. I think I could go for about 4 times a year. If we had a "Thanksgiving" meal more often it might remind us to be more thankful too. Just a thought.

Also, it's been really cold lately. I might have to break out my scarves.

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Doreen T. said...

All your photo was missing was Gunner in his BSU "dog jersey." He sure looked handsome! Thanks for letting us "babysit" Gunner while you and Dusty were in P-Town.