Tuesday, November 20, 2007

makes my mouth water

This will be the last year that my Grandma Torseth will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner. My grandparents are moving into a retirement community this spring so no more family gathers at their home in "west seattle" (my dad calls it west seattle but the rest of the world calls it white center). In honor of our last Thanksgiving at their house, I've prepared a list of my favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Favorite Thanksgiving foods:

1. turkey (with gravy and cranberry)
2. pumpkin pie
3. stuffing (nothing fancy, just with a drizzle of gravy and mixed with cranberry)
3. grandma's rolls (I could probably eat a dozen or so)
4. mashed potatoes (no gravy, just butter)
5. grandma's corn pudding...similar to corn casserole or corn pudding

All of my favorites will be present this year at our family feast.

Not my favorite Thanksgiving foods:

1. pickled herring (not even worth putting on the plate but a favorite of the Scandinavians)
2. jello salad- it's not that it tastes bad, it's just that plate space is very important on Thanksgiving
3. anything green- vegetables should be outlawed on this holiday.

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Doreen T. said...

Absolutely LOVE the pickled herring!!