Thursday, November 1, 2007


Our Halloween started out with dinner with Joel and Erin at their neighbor's, Ryan and Meredith. It was an interesting meal since every 12 seconds someone had to get up to 1) restrain the 3 dogs when the doorbell rang and 2) to pass out candy to the trick or treaters. Their neighborhood had a ton of kiddies in costumes. I saw tons of spidermans and princesses.

After dinner and some pie, we headed back to Fife to hang out at the Camp's. (Hailey was the cutest bumble bee ever!) I hope someone will post a pic of it since I didn't get one. When I arrived at the Camp's the women and children were not there. I had to watch the boys play Halo 3 for what seems like forever until I ended up walking down to Christy's aunt's house down the street to where all the girl talk was. I like girl talk way more than Halo 3.

This year's Halloween was awesome and I'm very thankful for a awesome holiday that I can spend with friends and eat tons of candy. This might be my new favorite holiday.
Guess who? Andy Trump. (You must hear his impersonation though. It's great.)
This is Joel and Erin with Brady. Brady is Joel's middle sister's oldest son. He came by trick or treating why we were there. He learned some Japanese phrases to use and it was super cute. Is it racist though to dress up as a nationality instead of a character? If it's not racist now, guaranteed it will be in 5 years.
Christy loves men with lots o' hair.
Dusty also dressed up again this night so he could scare little children when they came to the door. I think he liked dressing up as a rockstar way more than he'll admit.


J Yo said...

Such a fun night! I posted a cute bumble bee pic on my blog...and one of Hailey in Andy's wig!! :)

Doreen T. said...

Dusty-the-Rock-Star looks WAAAAAAYYYY different than Dusty-the-School-Teacher! Can't decide which I like better.... The cutest, however, is Joel's nephew!!

anne said...

I love Dusty's costume...he's a natural! :)

We had kids at school dressed up as "gangstas" and pimps. Really? Not okay.