Thursday, November 1, 2007

Harvest Party

Since Dusty and I are now youth leaders at our Church, we get to dress up for fun events like the Harvest Party. There were some awesome costumes. One girl came as a pea in a pod, another as gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe, another as a video game character I'd never heard of and that's to name a few.

Some of the activities of the night included pumpkin bowling, jousting, giant trike races and a bball shootout.

I took the easy route and went as a kitty cat. Dusty is an 80's butt rocker.

I liked these costumes the best. This is Joel's littlest sister, Meredith, and her bf, Charlie.

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anne said...

Anyone else think that Dusty looks like a hard core version of Jeremy Camp?

anne said...

Kham, your costume might be simple, but it's super cute! :)

Jill said...

You two look great but I agree with you Kham, Dusty looks like he loves the LOOK.