Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Today is the day folks. Head to the polls or mail in your ballot. It's really important to participate in the Democratic process we got going on in this country. Voting is one of the most patriotic things you can do (besides fireworks on The Fourth).

Your vote does count (at least in the local elections). Remember the last Washington Governor's election? It came down to a few votes and even that was contested in the courts. Also, we will probably see a rematch of that same election next year.

Get to know the issues first. (There are a lot of referendums and propositions to reject today.)

Here are the issues I will be watching closely as the ballots come in:
-Ref 67
-Prop 1


Doreen T. said...

Your dad and I were the first in our precinct to vote this morning. I'll take voting any day over fireworks!

Chris said...

So what do you think of the outcome of some of the votes?