Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"

I'm really excited for the holidays to begin. I've been browsing Target's latest X-mas gear on my lunch breaks and I know Dusty's excited because he has every single Christmas movie in our Blockbuster Online queue (although we probably own around 15 Christmas movies). Too bad my 'Nsync Christmas CD was stolen out of my car. I would be pumpin' it so loud right now if I could.

I want to be able to do every event that comes our way this holiday season but our December calendar is filling up super fast. Big bummer. We have work parties, youth group events, baby showers and shows in December but I want to leave space for friend holiday gatherings. Why can't we start celebrating the begining of November? That way we could fit everything into the schedule without feeling overwhelmed. It seems like the stores are celebrating really early, why can't we? Just a suggestion.

Does anyone want to gather to celebrate the holidays? I'm thinking of things like a Christmas movie party/ cookie decorating party, a formal Christmas party, intertubing up at Snoqualmie, and just maybe a white elephant gift exchange. Who's down?


anne said... everything! I think these sound like a ton of fun and this year I'm more on top of things. Hopefully this will allow me to enjoy the time with friends and family.

Maybe we could do some wrapping (rapping too) together as well! :)

Chris/ty said...

We are! Just let us know when!

The Jamieson Family said...

Yes please! But I have one request...whatever we do we play Nat King Cole's Christmas album.

Anonymous said...

I am down for all of the above and more!! Hooray for the holidays!

I get a school break for the holidays so let me know if you want me to plan anything!


Anonymous said...

Why is it that every so called "Christian" wants to X out Christ in Christmas! Shame on you, after all what is it all about anyway? Just to save a few letters of typing!