Monday, December 31, 2007

Finally...Christmas in Portland

We drove down to Dusty's sister's place in Portland the morning of Christmas Eve. The kids were super excited to see us but even more excited for Christmas morning!

The kids did wake us up before sunrise. We opened our stockings first. Here's Sky with his sock treasures.

This is Conner waiting very patiently to open the millions of presents under the tree. (I had never seen so many presents.)

Dusty brought down his Xbox and Guitar Hero so we all could play. Skyler really enjoyed playing it. I think we probably heard the songs "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "Slow Ride" around a thousand times that week. Josh (our bro-in-law) also got Guitar Hero III for Christmas so now they can play it even when we aren't there.

This is Chloe participating in her favorite activity while we were there - tattoos (she pronounces them taptoos). She wanted to drawn on everyone's arms with pink markers so they could have tattoos too. Her arms were also covered from wrists to elbows.

We ended up getting the kids a High School Musical Wii game for Christmas. It's a game of karaoke that includes all the songs from the first and second movies. Allow Chloe can't read, she's an expert at this game since she's seen the movies so many times.

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