Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesdays= fun days

Sorry for the lack of posts (not like anyone reads this anymore). We have been pretty busy since the new year has begun. Here's some highlights from 2008 thus far.

-We rung in the new at the Yost's with some great friends
-Marsh celebrated the big 2-9 on the 2nd so we attended his b-day bash
-Blockbuster Online has provided us with hours of entertainment (Superbad, Inside Man, a documentary on Michael Moore and Mormons).
-The Seahawks won on Saturday! We watch the game with the Camps and it was T.O.F. (tons of fun).

Our BS starts up again tonight and I'm excited to hang out with our "young married" friends.

Peace Out.
K Tor Ham


Doreen T. said...

I do too read your blog! Just because people don't comment, it doesn't mean that they aren't reading your posts. :)

Chris/ty said...

I still read it! The game was tons of fun... especially all the great food! Good job my friend.