Monday, January 28, 2008

Caucus Anyone?

This year I want to participate in my legislative district's Republican caucus. It carries just as much wait as the primary election which means that my voice can count twice. Since the country is still so undecided about which candidates will be chosen for the 2008 Presidential Election, Washington's primary/caucus can truly help decide who will be nominated at Republican (or Democratic) election.

If you live in the 25th Legislative district (Puyallup, Fife, Edgewood area) please join me in participating in the GOP caucus at 1pm, Feb. 9th at the Puyallup Elks Lodge. It may be fun (can't promise anything though, never been to one).

Seattle Times article


anne said...

I would totally go - but I live in Kent. :( Will you report back as to how it all goes? I think I know who I want to back, but I'm not certain at this point. You?

anne said...

Update - I just read the article and I'm trying to convince Ben to go with me to our proper caucus. I'll keep you posted.

Chris/ty said...

I want to go!