Thursday, January 31, 2008

Myspace v. Facebook

I use both of these networking website for the same reason...checking in on the lives of people I rarely get to see (some may call it spying). Both of these sites have different features that I like about them but neither one is complete by themselves.


This site has been around the longest and has a huge network of people. This is usually where I look up people who "aren't listed as my friend" (acquaintances from HS, people I know from college or church). As long as someone hasn't set their account to "private", I can "check up" on anyone I please. I can see what they did over the weekend, where they work and what they look like now.


Facebook has become the "it" site. It is on the forefront of hipness with all the applications that you can add and it allows me to "check up" on people rather easily because my buddies' statuses, profile changes, and comments left are consolidated on my home page. There are a couple things I don't like about facebook though. First of all, I'm only able to see profiles of people I'm "buddies" with. What if I just want to see what my jr. high friend Laurie is up to? I can't see her page and I don't want to "become buddies" with her because I haven't seen her in 10 years and we really weren't that good of friends to begin with. Also, every time I add a movie to my Blockbuster Online queue, I get a facebook popup that says "Kara just added The Queen to her Blockbuster Queue". Great, I didn't want to share my movie selections with the whole world.

Sometimes I wish that facebook and myspace would spawn a site that only contains the features of both sites that I love. Is that too much to ask?

PS...I think these sites cause me to be too nosey BUT people know what they are getting into when they post this stuff though.


anne said...

I couldn't agree more! I understand that some people feel the need to close one of their accounts, but they work in such different ways...don't do it. These two sites are on to something. However, their creative minds could do so much more (and better) together. Cooperation is the name of the game!

P.S. I'm glad Netflix doesn't post our movies. Chocolat was incredible, but I'm a bit embarrassed by some of my other choices.

Valerie said...

You should be able to go into your "preferences" for you mini feed/news feed and tell it to stop doing that, or in your preferences for the blockbuster feature. I have my facebook set to hardly post anything about what I'm doing/saying/seeing.

PS Don't worry. Those sites are for snooping...everyone does it!