Thursday, March 6, 2008


Since I've become a real adult (career, marriage etc.),l I have become a big fan of talk radio. In fact, I rarely listen to FM radio anymore.

mornings KIRO 710AM- on my way to work I like to listen to the local, national and world news. By the time I arrive at work, I know a little bit of everything going on plus I get frequent traffic updates. (5:55 and 6:25 there's money and business news which is my fave.)

12-3pm- 770 AM. Michael Medved is the man. He is not arrogant like other conservative talk radio hosts and has facts (dates and quotes) to back up everything he says. I wish I could listen to him more often. Since he's nationally syndicated, I can't download archived episodes of his show.

7-10pm- TBTL w/ Luke Burbank on 710 AM KIRO. Luke used to have a show on NPR and was picked up by KIRO last month. His sense of humor is so funny. I love the pop culture references he drops every so often. What sold me on his show was he mentioned Amy Grant's El Shaddi in a story once. I usually listen to his show at work via which has his archived shows.

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Barney Kropf said...

Let us be honest, are you really an adult? With that question asked, I love Michael (I don't know how to spell his last name and am not going to look it up), the radio guy.

Guess, where I am, sitting in the SPU computer labs. Remember 'Negator'? I miss that guy. Take care, I'll try to read The World Is Flat because he, Doug D. is one of the best things going!