Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ridin' wit my top down listen' to dis Jesus music

After a wonderful dinner with these guys, we went to see the 116 Clique in concert in Seattle last night. This is not the first time we've seen them live. We got into their music sometime last year and ended up seeming them on tour around this same time last year.

This is the best christian rap music I have heard (even better that Upside). LaCrae started the record label and headlines the show. He's my fave by far. He started out by rapping in prison (part of a prison ministry, not as an inmate). He became so popular at the prisons that he ended up recording albums and his career took off from there.

LaCrae's title track from his 2004 album "After the Music Stops" as spawn a ministry also. As the show began las night, all the youth leaders that were there were invited to a meeting in the back room. While there, the ReachLife director shared with us the group's vision for connecting kids in urban settings with Christian tracks and curriculum that fits the context and the culture that the kids are living in. You can check out a little of what they are doing here.

"After the Music Stops"

After the show, after the set, after the music stops what's next?
Will there be fellowship, prayer, disciples, will you open your bibles
After the music stops.
After it's over, after it ends, after the music stops, what then?
Will you understand that Christ is King?
Or will you just like the words we sing
After the music stops.


anne said...

I like the lyrics...I might have to give it a listen. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your evening.

Anonymous said...


I work with Reach Records and ReachLife Ministries. Saw your post about us on the blog and wanted to get some contact info to communicate with you in the future on new resources we have coming out. Also I'd love to send you a few CD's.

If that's ok with you email me at info [at] reachrecords . com